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Aggressive Representation You Can Rely On

When you’re involved in a legal dispute and your opposition refuses to reason, you need an experienced litigator who can help you win your fight in court. Vilella Law can do just that for you. Our experienced attorneys have advocate for the firm’s clients in the state and federal courts throughout New York and New Jersey. We can handle a variety matters, both simple and complex, pertaining to business law, consumer defense law, and debt defense for businesses.

Specifically, we have knowledge, experience, and zeal for our clients in the following and more:

Whether your dispute involves a vendor, business partner, creditor, or another entity closely associated with your company, Vilella Law’s litigation attorney in New York City will fight for no less than the best possible outcome for you. With our representation, you can expect an aggressive and proactive legal strategy designed to make sure your opposition understands you will not be taken advantage of by them.

Reach out to Vilella Law online or call us at (212) 577-9328 if you need an aggressive legal advocate to fight for your business and personal interests in court.

Do You Need a Litigation Attorney?

No one wants to be involved in a legal battle, but sometimes it’s necessary. That’s especially the case if you’re going to protect what’s important to you or assert your rights to get what you need. A litigation attorney in New York City can help you achieve your legal goals by developing an aggressive strategy to safeguard your interests.

At Vilella Law, we can help you assess your case and develop a plan of action that takes advantage of all available opportunities. We’ll handle the legal maneuvering for you, but together we can work as a team to help you figure out a way to solve your problem with your involvement and input.

Our Experienced Legal Team

Our team of experienced attorneys will relentlessly fight by your side to attain the results that you deserve.

Contact Us for Legal Assistance

If you have or anticipate a legal dispute with a business partner, creditor, vendor, client, or another business associate, get legal assistance from Vilella Law. Our attorneys have more than 15 years of legal experience including fighting for clients like you when settling matters in court is necessary.

You don’t have to let your opposition take advantage of you – fight back with a proactive and aggressive strategy developed. With Vilella law in your corner, you’ll have a fighting chance to get the best possible outcome in your case.

Do you need an experienced litigator? Then contact our firm online and ask how you can arrange a consultation to discuss your situation with our attorneys.

“They listened, advocated, and kept me informed through every step of my case. I am very pleased with the quality, sensitivity, and broad legal expertise of Vilella Law. I could not be more satisfied with their services.”

- Demetris T.

What Makes Vilella Law Stand Out?

  • Personalized Strategies

    We create a personalized strategy to all of our client cases. Our plan of attack in court will strategically be positioned to address all of the touch points encompassing your unique situation.

  • Legal Experience

    Our team of attorneys have been admitted to practice for more than 15 years. We have represented disputes of all sizes across the state of New York.

  • Team Collaboration

    Our process is a team effort from beginning to end. We collaborate closely with you so you understand all of the legalities surrounding your case.

  • Results Focused

    We will represent you aggressively in court to achieve the results you need. We will not back down to our opposition when faced with a strong defense.