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Are You Facing Legal Action from a Credit Card Company?

If you’re on the receiving end of a lawsuit because a credit card company is coming after you for what it claims is unpaid debt, don’t capitulate without a fight. Why? Because the lawsuit may stick you for liabilities that you do not owe, or you may be wrongly accused of falling behind on owed debt in the first place. If you’ve been notified that your credit card company is suing you, get legal help immediately.

Vilella Law’s credit card defense team in New York City can help you build a defense against your creditor’s claims. It may be true that you owe debt, but your credit card company could unfairly force collection through wage garnishment, levying your bank accounts, and placing liens against your property. Any of these consequences can ruin your financial situation and destroy your credit, but you don’t have to take it laying down.

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We Hold Your Creditors Accountable

If a creditor is suing you in an attempt to collect a debt, they must adequately prove their case before they can ever hope to win. In other words, they have the burden of proof. By mounting an aggressive defense that holds your adversary accountable for its assertions, we can help you win your case or mitigate unfavorable consequences if your opposition prevails.

Some of the proof that the creditor will need to prove in its case against you includes:

  • The party's right to sue you as indicated by clear documentation that your debt belongs to them.

  • Verification that you owe the debt, which would require an original contract containing your signature.

  • An accurate amount of debt payment sought by the plaintiff, which would require a complete list of bills and statements, as well as every authorized credit card charge.

In most cases involving money, the standard of proof is a preponderance of the evidence. This means that in order to succeed, the plaintiff must convince the judge or jury that you are more than 50 percent likely to be responsible for their accusations. This makes it all the more important that you seek the help of an experienced and qualified credit card defense attorney in New York City who can aggressively defend your interests in court.

What Is a Debt Buyer & Can I Be Sued by One?

A debt buyer is a third party that has purchased your debt from your original creditor. When someone has purchased your debt, they can legally attempt to collect it from you. You may be even more likely to be sued by this entity than your original creditor because your debt was selected for purchase. This may indicate a belief from the debt buyer that they could successfully collect your debt through legal action.

If you’re on the receiving end of a lawsuit from a creditor or a debt buyer, contact Vilella Law online and request a consultation to learn more about how our services can protect your interests!

What Makes Vilella Law Stand Out?

  • Personalized Strategies

    We create a personalized strategy to all of our client cases. Our plan of attack in court will strategically be positioned to address all of the touch points encompassing your unique situation.

  • Legal Experience

    Our team of attorneys have been admitted to practice for more than 15 years. We have represented disputes of all sizes across the state of New York.

  • Team Collaboration

    Our process is a team effort from beginning to end. We collaborate closely with you so you understand all of the legalities surrounding your case.

  • Results Focused

    We will represent you aggressively in court to achieve the results you need. We will not back down to our opposition when faced with a strong defense.