Commercial Debt Defense

New York City Commercial Debt Defense Attorney

Aggressive Litigation When Business Creditors Force
a Lawsuit

If you’re a business owner and a creditor is challenging you with a lawsuit, you need a strong defensive strategy to counter their claims. It may be that you do owe unpaid debts, but the scope of the lawsuit you are facing could extend beyond what is realistic or fair. An aggressive defense can help you counter your creditor’s assertions to hold them accountable to the truth of your liability.

At Vilella Law, our attorneys have experience that includes providing trial counsel for business owners like you in court. We approach each case with each client as a team, meaning that you can expect your goals and input to factor into a legal strategy uniquely built for your situation. Our representation is aggressive and relentless. This posture places us in a better position to counter the your adversary's assertions and can mitigate or eliminate your liability for claims against you.

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Is a Creditor or Commercial Debt Collector Pursuing Your Business?

Rarely will a creditor initiate a lawsuit unless its representatives feel they can comfortably prove your liability for a debt to them. If your debt was sold to a collection agency, the bar for how far they are willing to go and how soon to collect your debt may be much lower. That’s because a third-party commercial debt collector to whom your original creditor sold a debt probably has a greater interest in pursuing your company for payment.

Unfortunately, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) that protects consumers against harassment from collectors does not apply to commercial debt. That means that while you won’t be hounded for your personal credit card debt, you might still suffer from overly aggressive or abusive collection tactics from someone trying to collect on your business’ debts.

Get a New York City commercial debt defense attorney in your corner when creditors begin hounding your business for payment and seek it through legal action. An aggressive defense in court, like the one Vilella Law is capable of providing, can hold even your business’ creditors accountable for ensuring you really owe what they say you owe.

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What Makes Vilella Law Stand Out?

  • Personalized Strategies

    We create a personalized strategy to all of our client cases. Our plan of attack in court will strategically be positioned to address all of the touch points encompassing your unique situation.

  • Legal Experience

    Our team of attorneys have been admitted to practice for more than 15 years. We have represented disputes of all sizes across the state of New York.

  • Team Collaboration

    Our process is a team effort from beginning to end. We collaborate closely with you so you understand all of the legalities surrounding your case.

  • Results Focused

    We will represent you aggressively in court to achieve the results you need. We will not back down to our opposition when faced with a strong defense.