Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes Attorney in New York City

Mitigate the Impact a Professional Disagreement Can Have on Your Company

If you’re a business owner in a partnership, you’ve probably given great thought to the risks your company is up against. Regulations, competitors, market forces – you’ve probably considered all of these and the threats they pose to your business, but what about trouble from within? It is not uncommon for business partners to disagree on how to run their companies, so what happens if a resolution can’t be reached?

Vilella Law can help you successfully negotiate a partnership dispute and represent your interests in court if you have reached a legal impasse with your business partner.

Common causes for such disputes typically involve matters such as:

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Misappropriation of Funds
  • Failure to Delineate Authority
  • Failure to Outline Work Responsibilities
  • Divorce and Probate
  • Partner Removal

These are a few of many legal situations where representation from a partnership disputes attorney in New York City may be necessary. At Vilella Law, we’ll develop a proactive legal strategy that can aggressively pursue your interests when you find yourself involved in a partnership dispute.

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When Does a Partner Breach Fiduciary Duty?

When one or more partners are tasked with obligations key to the operation or survival of their business, they might be considered to have a fiduciary duty. This means they cannot use their authority to act in the interest of the company for personal gain, because doing so could constitute a breach of fiduciary duty.

This is an important consideration for everyone involved in a partnership. When it is believed one or a few partners with fiduciary duties acted in self-interest or engaged in self-dealing, litigation may be needed to determine their actual responsibility and how the company will move forward from this dispute.

When a plaintiff accuses someone of a breach of fiduciary duty, they may be entitled to compensable damages that occurred as a result of the breach. An experienced and competent partnership dispute attorney in New York City can help you in bringing legal action against a business partner or defend against such action when you have been accused of malfeasance.

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Aggressive Litigation from Vilella Law

When you work with Vilella Law to help you litigate your side in a partnership dispute, you’ll benefit from 15 years of experience that includes carefully honed courtroom experience. Our attorneys are skilled litigators who can develop an aggressive legal strategy to get you what you need out of a disagreement with your business partner. By taking advantage of all available opportunities and building proactive solutions for your case, we can help you increase your odds of success in a legal dispute.

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