Business Dissolution

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Navigating Clients Through the Process When a Company Breaks Up

If your business is at the end of its life cycle and the only course of action left is dissolution, it is important to keep an attorney at-hand to provide legal counsel to protect your interests. Just as with a divorce, a key aspect of business breakups is determining who gets which assets and how much. As you would have an attorney protect your interests in a divorce, you should seek counsel for the same reason when your business dissolves.

Vilella Law can advise you through the business dissolution process, offering services and legal representation that help you ensure you get that to which you are entitled. If your company was run as a partnership or under an operating agreement, we can help you review the documents to clarify what you are owed during a breakup. If you are challenged by another business partner who disagrees with what you’re getting or is attempting to take more than his or her fair share, our business dissolution attorneys can help you litigate this matter.

If you need legal assistance when it’s time to close your business for good, reach out to Vilella Law online or by calling (212) 577-9328 to protect your interests.

Was a Partner Acting Unfairly?

It is not uncommon for businesses to dissolve when partners reach an impasse over matters critical to the company’s operation or when one partner begins “acting unfairly”. In fact, this reason may be among the most common as to why businesses break apart.

Someone in your company could have acted unfairly by:

  • Committing a breach of fiduciary duty
  • Engaging in self-dealing
  • Acting in self-interest at the expense of the company and other owners
  • Violating terms of an agreement governing business operations

An experienced business dissolution attorney in New York City can help you take facts of these trespasses into account when you need to dissolve your company. We can help you challenge an offending owner’s right to certain assets and property in a dissolution if they engaged in behavior that violated their fiduciary duties or the terms of your company’s partnership agreement.

Do You Need Legal Help?

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What Makes Vilella Law Stand Out?

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    We create a personalized strategy to all of our client cases. Our plan of attack in court will strategically be positioned to address all of the touch points encompassing your unique situation.

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